What is a Keraplex hair treatment, and how does it work?

To read and find out a little more about Olaplex Bond Building technologie click here .

The treatment combination works. It does work and can improve hair condition. I personally find that doing the treatments first an Olaplex Bond Building then any type of Keratin treatment will give you a better results as your hair will be stronger.

Today I prefer to separate the treatments and only offer Keraplex or Zolaplex when my costumers only able to visit once. If they are able to make two separate visits first for a Keratin treatment and then a stand alone Olaplex treatment I find that results are better. It is important that there are some Keratin treatments, where if Olaplex applied after the the Keratin treatment it does need a few weeks wait for Oleplex to be able to penetrate to the hair properly.


In the UK more and more people talking about Keraplex hair and wondering is it work, and whats the differences to a usual keratin treatment?

I have launched Zolaplex just after launching Olaplex a year ago in beginning of 2016 which is the technically same treatment people known today  (in the UK) as Keraplex hair treatment.

It is a combined treatment of two services:

stand alone Olaplex treatment

and after a Keratin treatment


To perform the Keraplex treatment it is usually takes around 3/4 hour longer then your usual Keratin treatment. My Zolaplex adds around 1 hour and 15 minutes to the Keratin treatment time. The treatment last as long as the Keratin treatments does.  Depending on the hair it is recommended in some cases to repeat an Olaplex treatment before the next Kera or Zola plex.

Note to US readers:

There is also a US company called Keraplex Inc producing a Keratin treatment called Keraplex which does not contain bond building or Olaplex. I have never tested or tried the product so I am unable to comment on the quality and the results achieved by this treatment.

keraplex hair smoothing treatment packaging