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Compton hair and beauty Covent Garden salon


I have owned Compton hairdressing for one and a half decade, and this video was made to promote our Covent Garden branch. Compton hair Covent Garden was opened in 2001 and run for 12 years, we had a great team trough the years and loads of happy memories.  This video in Compton Covent Garden was made in 2009-2010 . I hope you enjoy Compton hair and beauty video. Feel free to comment or share.


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Zoltan Vargyai Bio

With more than 25 years in the hair industry, Zoltan has owned 5 successful salons and currently works in London. His career started in Hungary where he learnt the basics; cutting, colouring and perming. Whilst in Hungary, Zoltan owned a salon whilst also doing session work and was the Editor-in-Chief of Hungary’s biggest professional hair and beauty magazine. With the essentials under his belt, Zoltan made the beginning of his journey in hair and moved to London in 1998 to be a colour technician at Molton Brown’s salon in Hampstead. From here he moved on to train with Yuko Yasmashita and managed the Yuko salon in Mayfair and this is where he became passionate about hair re-texturising.

“My greatest achievement was that I was the first person to perform successfully the Yuko hair straightening on afro-Caribbean hair”

At Yuko salon, Zoltan really came in to form and trained up to be an expert in hair shaping and texture. It was here where Zoltan became the first person to successfully perform the Yuko hair straightening technique on afro-Caribbean hair, no had previously done this. This became his trade mark and after he left Yuko he opened Comptons in Soho where he was the only other person outside of the business to offer this type of treatment in Europe.

Thereafter, Zoltan opened Compton in Covent Garden and Barbican. He solely owned it and was Creative Director there for twelve years. Within this period he also partly owned a salon software company and a product distribution company, and had small business ventures. Often, Zoltan visited the factories and used it as a learning curve to learn in depth about the products which has helped him to gain his expertise in this field. In 2013, Comptons was sold and Zoltan opened in 201 an investment salon; whihc was sold in 2015.

“I have performed many different texture techniques for over 25 years, that means thousands of happy clients”

It is not only this one hair straightening treatment that Zoltan has, he has performed many different techniques which he has spent perfecting for over 25 years now – this equates to thousands of happy clients! From his straightening techniques learnt at Yuko, Zoltan has trained in Brazil and has become the pioneer of the Brazilian Keratin blow dry and has also great experience from Korea with digital perming. All these global techniques and more can be found along with Zoltan himself at a luxury central London location. Zoltan has been a gadget boy, and he still is.

Known as  Heston Blumenthal of hair, he is always testing playing with new treatments, machines. He loves new, he loves trying, and many experiment he does develop new techniques which never been tried and performed before. His knowledge and his deep interest in futuristic hairdressing does sometimes overtakes his passion for yoga. Product testing takes ages, in the field of hair texture which is relatively new, where no major companies offering solutions would suit someone wants to offer his best, Zoltan has no other option but to spend an average a day a week with testing. It is a very considerate amount of work which takes of his time to be able to provide the very best to his loyal customers.


His treatment’s are tailored, and technically advanced, he is sourcing his products, and futuristic machinery from all around the word to bring you the very best available in hair care today. Zoltan has been dubbed as the “Heston Blumenthal of the hair industry” and he is the “beauty editor to go” for texture services.

The history of Yuko Hair Straightening System

The history of Yuko Hair Straightening System



I left Molton Brown Hairdressing for a new challenge in 1998 before Yuko System the pioneers of chemical straightening first opened their Academy outside Japan in Mayfair, London. It was a big decision, but Yuko seemed to be offering something new and something very exciting which interested me greatly.

Yuko Yamashita, founder of Yuko system permanent hair straightening, originates from Japan. She learnt hairdressing /she call it “beauty specialist”/ in Japan, and opened her salon. She had loads of clients with frizzy hair /yes you be surprised loads of Japanese have curly, or frizzy hair/, and decided to help them. “If you want to know why I have focused all my energy on permanent hair straightening, it is because, since becoming a beauty specialist, I have met many women who suffer from unruly hair. Almost all people have more or less unruly hair, and these can become a serious source of worry for women.”

In the early 90’s Yuko started developing her first perm solution, to chemically straighten hair, which took her 2 years to have the first sets. She studied and researched a lot; “I first noticed that I needed to understand the bio-rhythm of hair in order to maintain its beauty. So I started studying the various proteins that constitute hair and their behavior. Just as each person has her own constitution, each person has her own hair quality, and a beauty specialist can understand a customer’s hair and body condition from experience. I can tell what kind of habits my customer’s hair has and what kind of physical constitution my customer has just by touching her hair and head, even with my eyes closed. I can do this because of my tremendous amount of interest in hair and because of having stuck to my own beliefs so far.” In 1994 Yuko partnered up with a Japanese company called Phi-ten, who developed and reformulated all Yuko system products, and after permanent hair straightening become a success in Japan, bought it to London and Los Angeles. Yuko was, at that time, still working in Japan; “One junior-high school student, who visited our salon, said she could not live an active life due to her unruly hair. When she saw herhair chemicallystraightened in the mirror, she started crying with joy. One of the staff in my salon became so worried about her unruly hair that she decided to quit high school to become a beauty specialist. This is the reason why I decided to start studying hair-straightening techniques intensively with a hope to help people who suffer from unruly hair.” So the Yuko Straightening System was created, and perfected and before the millennium it was bought to London.

I was one of the lucky technicians who was able to learn and practice before the Yuko academy, and the Yuko salon in Mayfair was opened. Technicians and staff were sent from Japan, and Yuko Yamashita herself came here to train us on permanent hair straightening. Yuko had a very different view of hair, nothing I had seen or learned before, and learning from her was a pleasure. Without that knowledge I would not see or understand hair as I see it today and what I’ve learned from Yuko Yamashita I use it every day with every client.

When we opened the Yuko systems salon, we didn’t have many customers, but a daily mail article made us fully booked. Permanent hair straightening was a big thing everyone talked about. That time chemical hair straightening /the Yuko technique/ was a very timely process, always two people working on one client, and it taken us up to 6 hours from start to finish. I remember I was asked by Yuko to test the system on Afro Caribbean hair, and one of the models took us 10+ hours to complete, of course with a success, and Yuko was extremely happy with the results.



After climbing up and made manager, I left Yuko system salon and academy in the early 2000s to open my own salon, and I was the first to perform the magical permanent straightening technique = the Yuko system outside the Yuko academy, and the first authorised salon in London. Yuko system and the academy has boomed in the coming years and straight hair was very much in fashion. The main problem was that the products were not allowed us to be used on chemically damaged, and high-lighted hair, and the process was very lengthy. With Phi-ten Yuko redeveloped her products, and came out with many new updates, and currently she is working on a damage free perming solution. In 2014 Yuko Mayfair closed, handing over the European rights to Yuhei, (and his wife Reiko Kanda) a Japanese stylist I worked with for a year, and we still in touch. He always updates me on new developments.

Yuko Yamashita, her views and teaching of the importance of hair condition will always be with me through my carrier. Thank you Yuko for developing this wonderful hair straightening system.

Questions? We will call or text you back, and answer them all.


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