I’ve been asked to test Momoko hair straightening and digital perming products. The company recently launched in the UK and are already available in a number of salons. It is always exciting for me to receive new products, especially when the products are available to purchase in the UK or Europe as not many hair texturising products are available in UK shores so I have to source my products from all over the world.

I’ve received nearly 20 different products, from hair conditioning to shampoos, and softening solutions, and must say I was very excited as I’ve already used different products and solutions from the manufacturer of Momoko previously; the Japanese company who makes Momoko has been on the list of my suppliers for a while.

Momoko claims to be a product that can be used on any hair type and can achieve outstanding results.

I met up with Nathan Walker International Technical Director of Trevor Sorbie at a seminar; Walker is currently providing the education on Momoko products. He is very knowledgeable of hair, and it was a pleasure meeting him. I have to say that the product guide and the education provided by Nathan was excellent and gave way more in depth information than anyone else offered in the UK. Very well done, and thank you.

Returning to the salon didn’t take me long to try and to test the product. Have to say in theory all products works pretty much the same, so I really didn’t have to learn anything new, it was just trying and testing to see the results. That’s what product testing is about.

The products are, as it was expected, the highest quality. I already have a few favourites which I use on a daily basis. As you might know I am a very mix and match guy, meaning I prefer not to use one company’s products but test and find the best from each company and I will be using Momoko products on my clients regularly, but not everything on every customer.


If you are a customer who reads this I would like to remind you that giving a Wella colour tube to Josh Wood or to someone else will very much bring you different results, and I still think that what’s most important is not the product but the person whom using it though using the best products available is still helpful.

If you are a hairdresser looking to offer new services, I would recommend trying Momoko and attend the training, as what they offer is excellent. However don’t forget my 50 rule, before offering it to clients, I would recommend you to do at least 50 models. It might sound a lot, but if you compare it to haircutting, learning a perfect Bob would’ve taken you longer then 50 model practices.

In overall I am very pleased with the products, and do recommend it.