Zoltan, the UK’s leading hair texture expert, specialising in Keratin treatments and digital perming has launched a new treatment, “Zolaplex”.



Having trained around the world in the leading techniques and with over 23 years’ experience in semi-permanent and permanent re-texturising, improving texture is his trademark and he has made a name for himself as the go-to hairdresser for UK beauty editors, celebrities and VIPs.

His latest treatment, “Zolaplex” is a magical combination of keratin and protein for an intense moisture boost, and a new range, Olaplex that helps to strengthen hair and reinforce hair bonds.  The final phase uses Ultrasound technology to help the ingredients penetrate deeper in to the hair and seal in goodness and shine.   The result is hair that’s restored to its virgin state; lustrously smooth and shiny hair that’s manageable and styleable, every day.



“This treatment is a unique hair infusion that I’ve created using the latest techniques and products,  to specifically treat daily hair damage caused by colour chemicals and heat styling to strengthen hair and restore its natural beauty”, says Zoltan.

“Zolaplex” is an entirely bespoke treatment, customised and adapted to each client’s needs and lifestyle that lasts up to three months.

 “Zolaplex” is available from and takes up to 2 hours.  For further information and to book an appointment please visit the contact page.