Trying to Find a Professional Curly Hair Hairdresser in London?

If you require the assistance of a curly hair hairdresser in London, then Zoltan-Hair is here to help. With more than 24 years of hairdressing experience, Zoltan has the ability to produce stunning results on a huge variety of hair textures. We can help you, whether you are looking for a simple wash and blow dry, a style for an evening, a perm or treatment to repair and restore your hair. Every customer will receive a unique treatment based on their preferences and hair colour, but our quality and service remains consistently high.

How Can We Help you? 

We understand that curly hair requires high maintenance and styling can be time consuming, and the end result may not even be to your liking. By using our curly hair hairdresser in London, you can be sure that your hair is in expert care and you can relax during the process. It is important to keep your hair healthy so that it does not appear dull, frizzy and straw like. Hair damage can occur naturally from age and weather, as well as from straighteners, curlers and dye overuse. 

Our curly hair hairdresser in London is able to provide you with a range of treatments that are designed to restore your hair to its former soft and shiny glory. We have a selection of treatments and technologies that are used in our salon including; Olaplex, Keratin which can help with curl reduction, nano mist, light therapy and treatments specifically for curly hair. Zoltan has experience treating many hair styles and textures, and as such makes sure to test as many different products as possible in order to gain the knowledge of which treatments work best for which hair. We will happily advise you on the best course of action for your hair and budget. 

We understand those who have curly hair may want to have the experience of straight hair, so our curly hair hairdresser in London is able to proficiently carry out a range of straightening treatments. For those who are interested in having a change but do not want to lose their curls forever, Brazilian straightening is an ideal choice, but a Brazilian blow dry may be more appropriate if your goal is to simply tame your curls. 

However, for permanent straightening solutions we offer chemical, Japanese, momoko and yuko straightening. All of our straightening methods will leave you with glossy hair free from frizz, and allow for movement. The treatments that will have been applied to your hair during your appointment, mean that your hair is also protected from damage that normally occurs during straightening. 

Would you Like to Speak to Our Team?

Zoltan is known for innovation and has created a fantastic keratin treatment. By using keratin you are not introducing anything that doesn’t already naturally occur in the hair, and will help remove frizz and keep your hair feeling and looking fresh. We incorporate this with nano mist technology, which uses vibrations to send water particles into your hair follicles, which when heated allows our treatment to work better by pushing it into the deepest and most damaged parts of your hair. You will receive a repair treatment that is renowned and greatly rewarding. 

So if you are looking for a reputable curly hair hairdresser in London who is recognised for exceptional hair treatments, then Zoltan-Hair is the ideal place for you. Give us a call on 07875 396751 to see how we can help you.