Are you Looking for a Curly Hair Salon in London?

If you are trying to find a hairdresser who can help you with your curly hair, then why not try Zoltan-Hair? Zoltan-Hair is a curly hair salon in London, owned by Zoltan, who has more than 25 years of hairdressing experience and is a specialist at providing services that cater to hair texture. Zoltan is able to produce stunning hair transformations and results for a huge variety of hair styles, with a vast range of products and services. 


Breaking Down our Services and Products


Prior to any work being done on your hair, we will arrange for you to have a consultation with us at our curly hair salon in London. During this consultation, which will be approximately 30 minutes long, we will delve into a thorough discussion about your hair, styling techniques you use, your scalp, and we will also talk about your lifestyle. This will give us context to help us understand what your hair will face during your day to day routine. Once we have gathered the information we need, we will be able to suggest and further discuss the best treatment for your hair, and book your appointment. 


Our curly hair salon in London is the perfect place to come if you are trying to reduce and tame your curls, or have a straightening treatment. We are able to offer our clients a selection of straightening treatments including; Brazilian, chemical, Japanese, Momoko and Yuko straightening. This variety offers permanent and non-permanent straightening solutions which gives our customers the choice of whether to get rid of their curls, or simply experiment with other styles. However, Zoltan has found processes that mean that your hair will not go dead straight, but will instead produce a more natural straight look, allowing your hair to retain some substance, movement and texture. 


In our curly hair salon in London we are also able to carry out hair repair services – treating your hair with Olaplex, Keraplex and Zolaplex. We can also do digital waving, our signature Keratin Brazilian blowdry and our innovative smoothing treatment. As Keratin naturally occurs in your hair, using it in our treatment can be beneficial to the health of your hair. We aim to use our treatments to give our clients hair that they can be proud of and comfortable with. 


Zoltan-Hair has been written about in various big brand publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Hello Magazine and newspapers such as the Telegraph and The Sunday Times. These sources have greatly complimented our services and we have been in the top spot of several best lists. These achievements should give you an idea about the standards of service and quality of products that we offer to our clients, so we really hope that you will take the opportunity to visit our curly hair salon in London.


Would you Like More Information? 


To speak to a member of our team or to arrange a consultation at our curly hair salon in London please give us a call on 07875396751. We are knowledgeable about our products and services and will happily offer advice and more detailed descriptions should you need them.