Trying to Find a Curly Hair Salon in London?

Do you love having curly hair? Are you looking for an excellent curly hair salon in London? Then Zoltan-Hair is the ideal choice for you. Zoltan, our head hairdresser, is London based and has more than 25 years of experience as a hairdresser and salon owner. He has specialised in hair texture services, including permanent straightening, smoothing, Keratin, and curly hair. He is careful to always work towards all his customers having beautiful, healthy hair. Having permed hair does not have to be something that damages your hair, by using the right treatments, you can have the best of both worlds.


How Can We Help you?


We know that it can sometimes be difficult to love your curly hair. It can be much more difficult to maintain. Finding specialist hair products without the damaging silicons and sulphates in them can be costly and time consuming and once you’ve found the product, it takes time to de-fizz, style and even simply wash your hair. 


Here at Zoltan-Hair, we truly want you to embrace your curls, and we work to ensure that all of our customers receive the high quality treatment that you and your curls deserve. We’re one of the leading curly hair salons in London and we are dedicated to providing you with high quality results. We can offer you expert care for your hair, working to keep your hair looking healthy rather than dull, frizzy and straw-like. 


What Treatments do we Offer?


The treatments that we offer at our curly hair salon in London are designed to help undo some of the damage that you face from your day to day living, like ageing and weather, as well as straighteners, curlers and dying. Our treatments work to restore your hair to its soft and shiny look, offering you a range of different treatments that will help you to look after your curly hair. We also understand that not all curly hair is the same and that they all require different levels of care and different types of treatment. We offer excellent consultations prior to any treatments to ensure that we choose the right course of action for your hair and your budget. 


One of the main treatments that we use is Olaplex. Olaplex is a specialist serum that is designed to create and strengthen healthy hair bonds. As a leading curly hair salon in London, we know that this is particularly important for curly haired people, many of whom have particularly fragile hair. By using Olaplex, we offer the opportunity for you to have longer, stronger hair with better, tighter curls.


Want to Book an Appointment?


If you’re interested in having your hair done at our curly hair salon in London, then feel free to get in touch with us. We’re taking bookings for our reopening in line with Government guidelines after the 12th April and we’re so excited to be seeing you again. You can book an appointment by messaging us on 07875 396751. We can’t wait to open the doors of our curly hair salon in London.