Would you Like a Keratin Blow Dry in London?

Have you been searching for a Keratin Blow Dry at a prestigious, established luxurious salon in London? Welcome Zoltan Hair – we specialise in hair texture services including Keratin treatments, Brazilian blow dry, Japanese straightening, digital waving, and a range of other high-quality hair treatments. Based in Mayfair, London, we have more than 25 years of industry experience under our belts and we are ready to have you join us for your Keratin transformation.

Our objective is to boost and enhance your locks, extending the lifetime and look of your hair. No matter what it is that you are searching for, whether you would like sleek straight hair or to restructure your curls, Zoltan Hair is the salon for you. We put great time, attention, and dedication into sourcing the finest premium products and hair care techniques from all over the world for your hair. 

No matter the style, condition, colour, or length of your hair, we have all of the first-class skills, knowledge, and experience needed to bring your hair back to its fullest potential. If you would like to book a consultation at Zoltan Hair for Japanese hair straightening or one of our many other services, contact our team of professionals. 

What is a Keratin Blow Dry?

A Keratin blow dry is an intense smoothing and strengthening treatment for your hair, popularised in the early 2000s. A Keratin blow dry is also known as a Brazilian blow dry or Brazilian blowouts, and they first hit the beauty scene in Brazil. A Keratin blow dry will calm difficult curls, and detangle your frizz naturally leaving your hair smooth, straight and easily manageable.

Benefits of a Keratin Blow Dry

Keratin works by smoothing the cells that overlap to form hair strands, so your hair will look a lot more glossy and healthy when you have a Keratin treatment. It temporarily bonds your hair back together which can also reduce the look of split ends. Keratin is one of the most effective treatments for reducing frizz and dryness, and boosting shine in your hair. Having a Keratin treatment can result in your hair being able to grow longer, as the strands are less likely to break as you have replenished the lost keratin in your hair shaft. So your hair will be stronger, and less prone to breakage.

As long as you do not wash your hair too often, your Keratin treatment can last up to 6 months. With your hair being smooth, straight, and shiny you will also save a lot of time styling your hair and putting damaging heat products on your hair. Zoltan has been offering Brazilian Keratin treatments since they reached UK shores in 2006, and he has travelled extensively to Brazil, visiting manufacturers and factories, exhibitions and hair shows over the past ten years to understand the craft in detail. Zoltan has distributed his own range called Onix which was formaldehyde-based and was successfully performed with his other treatments on thousands of women in his salon group called Compton hair.

For expert advice on our Keratin blow dry treatments, or to book your appointment you can contact our team today.

Ways to Book a Keratin Blow Dry in London

If you are ready to contact Zoltan Hair for a consultation for your Keratin Blow Dry, you can book an appointment via our website. Consultations by Zoltan are available in person in London, and are highly recommended so that we can get a full understanding of your hair history and what you are looking to achieve. From here, we can choose the perfect treatment and solution for you and your hair. Alternatively, feel free to contact us via call or Whatsapp at +447875396751 or email our team directly at care@zoltan-hair.com.