Everything you Need to Know About our Keratin Blow Dry Treatment

Are you searching for new and improved ways to improve the condition of your hair? Have you tried plenty of off-the-shelf Keratin hair treatments and still aren’t quite seeing the difference you are aiming for? Well, you might be pleased to hear that there are specialist treatments available in select salons designed to make your hair look, feel and act softer, healthier and stronger. You may also be glad to know that the most experienced, recommended hair care and texture expert around, is located right here in London’s Soho. Welcome to Zoltan Hair.

Zoltan Hair is a long-established business that focuses entirely on delivering the finest hair care services to each and every one of our customers; new and returning. Having gained more than 25 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, we are in a great position to offer you services that are all carried out with the utmost attention, expertise and skill in order to make sure that each of our customers receive the bespoke treatment they expect and deserve that has been carefully selected for their specific type of hair.

The Ultimate Blow Dry that Does More than Just Dry your Hair

At Zoltan Hair we have made it our mission to learn and deliver the most superior techniques and procedures whilst using our widely sourced, top products, that have been hand picked by our texture expert from different countries across the globe. By doing this we are not only guaranteed to be able to supply our customers with the quality services they deserve but we are making our services available to a much larger audience; no matter the hair type, colour or condition. 

Our Keratin Blow Dry treatment is Zoltan’s signature service that uses his most trusted products and technology to achieve silky smooth, shiny, soft, frizz free, conditioned locks every time. This treatment can be adapted accordingly to accommodate your hair type and any specific requirements you have and will last anywhere between 2 and 8 months. More about our Keratin Blow Dry treatment can be found here or by speaking to our expert today.

Book your Keratin Blow Dry Treatment today

Whether you are looking for a trusted salon for a one-off Keratin Blow Dry or are searching for the one expert you can always count of to provide the best treatments that your hair will benefit from the most then give Zoltan Hair a call today on 07875 396 751 or send an email to care@zoltan-hair.com and our professional will be able to talk you through the process of your Keratin Blow Dry treatment as we as answer any questions or queries you may have that will give you better understanding of Zoltan Hair, our values and our industry recognised hair care services. You can also follow us on Instagram for some fabulous pictures.