Looking to Permanently Straighten Curly Hair?

Are you looking for ways to permanently straighten curly hair? Then here at Zoltan Hair can offer you the ideal service that will straighten your hair while maintaining your hair’s strength and vitality. Over the years hair straightening has really evolved, creating an experience that is totally unique. Here at Zoltan Hair, we use incredible products like Keratin to keep your hair looking amazing while effortlessly keeping it straight for months at a time. Having spent more than two decades working with these treatments, we know that we can provide a solution to permanently straighten your curly hair.

Why Choose to Permanently Straighten Your Curly Hair?

Easy to Maintain

While having curly hair is greatl, it can be really frustrating and time consuming. There’s pre-washing and washing and conditioning, there’s smoothing and scrunching, it can be a long process. Making the decisions to permanently straighten curly hair can liberate you from all of this because your straight hair is so much easier to maintain and look after. All you need to do is wash it, and enjoy your beautifully smooth and silky locks. It really can make all the difference to your life, freeing up so much time for you to pursue other things that you really enjoy.

Helps Look after your Hair

Though lots of people consider the decision to permanently straighten curly hair to be one that will lead to damage to the hair follicles, working with Zoltan Hair can ensure that you have an entirely different result. Choosing to permanently straighten your curly hair is a chance for you to really look after your hair because we use products like Keratin. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein that can help to smooth your hair follicles and strengthen your hair overall. When you permanently straighten your curly hair, you’ll find that your hair has fewer breaks and tears, leaving your hair looking longer, stronger and fuller.

Results are Long Lasting

One of the reasons to permanently straighten curly hair is that it lasts a long time. Usually you can expect it to last for six to eighteen months, depending on your hair and how you look after it. This means that you can enjoy your long hair for a longer period of time without needing to touch up or look after it in any way.

Want to Speak to Our Experts?

If you’d like to find out more about our service to permanently straighten curly hair, then feel free to get in touch with us today. We can ensure that you have the right treatment for your hair. Why not give us a call on +447875396751 or email us at care@zoltan-hair.com for us to arrange a consultation to create the perfect service for your hair. We can’t wait to help you attain that perfect look for you.