Would you Like a Tight Curl Perm?

If you are interested in having a tight curl perm to switch up your look then Zoltan-Hair will be happy to help you. Zoltan has been producing high quality perms since the 90s and has a combined hairdressing experience of more than 24 years. We are able to work with all styles and texture of hair, and have the knowledge, products and equipment that will allow us to give you a treatment that is tailored to your hair, making every experience with us bespoke. Why not contact us for more information?

Why is Zoltan-Hair the Right Choice for you?

With our fantastic range of products, skilled hairdressers and innovative treatments you can be sure that we will not only make your hair look fantastic, but we can also restore its healthiness. Our full list of repair treatments can be viewed on our website, and all of them are designed to bring the glossiness and soft textures back into your hair. Zoltan has been praised and recommended by many big brand magazines for his creative treatments that leave his customer hairstyles and textures in a flawless condition. So if you are looking for a reputable hairdresser to carry out your tight curl perm, contact Zoltan today.

With each appointment, Zoltan will take the time to assess your hair and needs, as well as answer any questions you have, during a consultation. At this point Zoltan will use his specialist knowledge to suggest the best option for your hair from our wide selection of treatments. These include, but are not limited to; Digital waving, cold perming, Keratin treatments, hair straightening and Olaplex treatments.

We are able to offer both hot and cold perming. With a hot perm, also known as digital perming, we will be able to provide you with smooth and natural wavy curls, ideal for those who want a fixed style, but do not want a tight curl perm. Zoltan-Hair possesses a state of the art digital perming machine, so you can expect your final hair result to be one of incredible high quality. With our assortment of treatments available, you can be sure that Zoltan will take all precautions and measures to make sure that your hair remains protected throughout and after the perming process. 

For those who are interested in a tight curl perm, we can offer cold perming. The tighter curls that are produced through this technique can give your hair bounce and volume as we will be able to  get right up against your scalp, which cannot be done with digital perming due to the risk of burning. The process involves the hair being curled around plastic rods and chemical solutions are poured over them to break the hair bonds, followed by a neutralizer which will form the shape of the hair to the rods, creating the curls. As with the digital perming, Zoltan will be sure to give you high quality products that will give you the style you want, while also keeping your hair healthy. 

Would you Like More Information?

The different perming processes will have different effects based on the strength, style and texture of your hair, but you can trust that with Zoltan’s expert knowledge and experience you will receive the treatment that gives you the look you were looking for from the start. If you are interested in a tight curl perm, or any of our other hair treatments, then give us a call on 07875 396751 to find out how we can help you.