Transform your Hair With a Professional Keratin Straightening Treatment

Do you want to transform your hair with a professional Keratin straightening treatment? Here at Zoltan Hair, we specialise in providing luxury Keratin hair straightening treatments to transform client’s hair from frizzy and unmanageable to smooth and silky. Our hair care expert Zoltan uses his signature Keratin treatment with Nano Mist Infusion, to bring you the hair that you have always wanted. 

From his legendary London salon, Zoltan works to transform his clients’ hair to give them their dream hair styles, looks, and textures. As well as our Keratin straightening treatments, Zoltan also specialises in providing digital waving, hair repair, permanent straightening, Olaplex and many more hair treatments to suit your exact needs. 

Keratin Hair Straightening at Zoltan Hair

Keratin hair straightening; also known as a Brazilian blowdry or blowout or a Brazilian Keratin treatment – involves applying a combination of ingredients to the hair, blow-drying it and sealing it with the use of a hair straightener. Keratin is a completely natural type of protein that can be found in all of our hair, skin, and nail follicles. 

It is perfect for those who have frizzy, unruly and untamable hair and want to transform it into silky, shiny and beautiful locks. Keratin smooths the cells that overlap in your hair to form hair trends, making your hair a lot more manageable and removing frizz. It can also bond your hair back together, helping to reduce the look of split ends. 

Keratin hair straightening is Zoltans signature treatment, and he uses only the highest tech and newest products and machines available to give you the best hair results possible. 

Long-Lasting, Beautiful Silky Hair

Our Keratin hair straightening treatments last between 2 to 8 months, depending on the strength and treatment chosen, and take between 1 to 3 hours to complete in our London salon. Our treatments are completely tailored to your hair type and requirements, and we have partial and fringe solutions available. These treatments are available in semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent options. We use amino acids, Keratin, and proteins that deeply penetrate into the root of your hair follicles – and greatly improve your hair condition.

Book Your Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment at Zoltan Hair

If you would like to book a Keratin hair straightening treatment at Zoltan Hair, you can do so by visiting our website today. Use our online booking tool, and schedule your hair treatment for a time and date that suits your schedule best. 

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