Want to Visit a Luxury Hair Salon in Soho?

Are you looking to visit a luxury hair salon in the Soho area, to transform and enhance the quality and look of your hair? Zoltan Hair is a luxury hair salon based in Soho, London, providing clients with a wide variety of treatments to give them the shiny hair that they have always wanted. Zoltan offers a variety of treatments to provide you with your dream hair, including Brazilian Blow Drys, Keratin Treatments, Olaplex, Permanent Hair Straightening, Digital Waving – and many more.

From his beautiful state-of-the-art hair salon in Soho, Zoltan has spent years transforming poker straight hair to curly bouncy hair, freezy untamable hair to sleek shiny hair, and giving clients the hair texture they have always wanted. If you would like to learn more about Zoltan Hair in Soho, keep reading and make sure you visit our website for further information.

Who is Zoltan?

Zoltan Hair is run by Zoltan, who has over 24 years of experience in hairdressing all across the world. Zoltan has trained and studied in his craft all across the world and worked with a large number of high-profile and celebrity clients transforming their hair. He is a specialist in hair texture services including Permanent Straightening, Smoothing, Digital, and Cold Perming, Brazilian BLOW Drys, and Keratin treatments.

Zoltan tailors every treatment that he provides to his customers’ specific needs and will give you the hair that you have always wanted. Zoltan works with only the best products and machine manufacturers to provide his clients with the best hair care and treatments possible and to provide you with the beautiful, healthy hair that you deserve.

Transformative Hair Treatments at Zoltan Hair

Zoltan offers clients a wide range of transformative hair treatments from his Soho salon, depending on your hair needs. Hair repair is one of Zoltan’s specialties, and Zoltan uses a range of technologies and treatments to achieve quality hair repairs such as Ozone hair treatment, Light Therapy, Infra-Red, and Ultrasound. Zoltan offers tailored repair treatments for each hair type and hair condition.

He also offers a wide range of Permanent Hair Straightening solutions, including Brazilian Straightening, Chemical Straightening, and Japanese straightening amongst many others. Zoltan also offers Keratin Treatments, Olaplex, Brazilian Blow Drys, Digital Waving and Perms. Whatever you would like done to your hair, Zoltan will be able to give you a fantastic result.

Book Your Appointment at Zoltan Hair

If you would like to book your appointment at Zoltan Hair in Soho, you can do so by visiting our website today. You can use our online booking tool, and make an appointment with Zoltan for a date and time that suits your schedule. If you have any questions or queries regarding our salon or any of our treatments, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach Zoltan by calling us at +447875396751, or by sending us an email at care@zoltan-hair.com

Searching for a Curly Hair Specialist to Visit in London?

Do you have curly, untamable frizzly hair and are searching for a curly hair specialist who can transform your hair in London? Zoltan Hair is a luxury hairdressing boutique in the heart of London, run by experienced hair stylist Zoltan. Zoltan has over 24 years of experience in hairdressing and styling, and his salon provides a vast range of luxury hair treatments specifically aimed at those with curly, unruly hair.

If you want to turn your curly hair into frizz-free, shiny conditioned sleek hair then Zoltan can help with his range of treatments. Zoltan is the magician of the hair world and has worked his magic on thousands of high-profile and celebrity clients all over the world, and you can be next. If you would like to learn more about how Zoltan Hair can transform your curly hair in London, visit our website for more information.

Finding It Hard to Manage Your Curly Hair?

If you are finding it difficult to manage your curly hair, you may be looking into treatments that can help you manage your hair care better and transform your looks. If your hair is frizzy, takes hours to dry and style, and has too much or too little volume then Zoltan Hair can help. Using our range of hair treatments, we transform our client’s hair to give them the mane that they have always dreamed of and make styling their hair so much easier. We will ensure that your hair is picture ready, shiny, and conditioned, and with the perfect amount of volume for you.

What Treatments Do Zoltan Hair Provide?

We provide a wide range of curly hair treatments here at Zoltan Hair, to meet your exact needs. Just some of the curly hair treatments that we provide are Permanent Hair Straightening, Keratin Smoothing, Brazilian Blow Drys, Olaplex, Hair Repair, and more.

All of these hair treatments provide a variety of outcomes to your curly hair and will leave your hair feeling smoother, shinier, and silkier. Zoltan will work with you to find out what will work best for your hair type and condition, and provide you with the solution that you have been searching for. Zoltan tailors every treatment to his customer’s specific needs after a thorough consultation and will work with you to give you the hair you have always wanted.

Contact Zoltan Hair to Book Your Consultation

To book your appointment at Zoltan Hair, visit our website today and use our online booking tool. This will let you schedule an appointment or an initial consultation. If you have any questions for Zoltan, you can contact us directly by giving us a call at +447875396751 or by sending us an email to care@zoltan-hair.com. We look forward to meeting you and transforming your curly locks here at Zoltan Hair.

How a Digital Perm Can Transform Your Hair’s Texture

Are you bored of your current hair texture and style, and want to bring your hair to life by transforming it into big and bouncy voluminous curls? A Digital perm can be the ideal hair solution for you. Digital perms have been around for many years, and are still a very popular treatment that you can have at a hair salon with the right equipment needed to perform the treatment. It is just one of the many hair texture treatments that we offer here at Zoltan Hair, and we want to explain how a digital perm can transform your hair texture.

Zoltan Hair is a luxury hair salon based in Mayfair, London; offering our clients a wide range of hair texture services to have their hair looking their best all year round. Just some of the services that we offer here at Zoltan Hair include digital perms, Japanese Hair Straightening, Brazilian Blow Drys, as well as many other state-of-the-art transformative treatments. To learn more about how a Digital Perm can transform your hair’s texture in London, visit our website to learn more.

What is a Digital Perm?

A Digital perm – also commonly known as a hot perm – is a hair treatment that transforms straight, dull and sleek hair into gorgeous, natural-looking wavy locks; giving clients a permanent solution that avoids them having to curl their hair every morning. They originated from Japan in the early 2000s, and have taken waves since then and become an extremely popular treatment amongst many.

It involves using an application of chemicals to the hair which break down the natural bonds and molecules in your hair, before rebuilding them to give you large, beautiful, and bouncy curls. The solution applied to your hair is activated by heat, using a state-of-the-art machine, which permanently changes the structure of your hair and gives it curls and waves.

They differ from the traditional cold perms, as cold perms don’t involve the use of any heat. Digital perms are also a lot longer lasting than cold perms and give clients a much more natural-looking wave to their rather than tight ringlets.

How Long Does a Digital Perm Take to Complete?

A Digital perm is an ideal treatment for anyone who has thin, sleek, and straight hair and wants to give themselves soft, voluminous and curly hair. Digital Perms can be had by people with all lengths of hair, as long as the hair is long enough to wrap around the rod that is used to create your perm. Although a digital perm does still require some maintenance, it will drastically cut down your hair styling time. They can take between 2-4 hours to complete depending on your hair length and texture, and you can expect it to last you from 6 months up to a year.

Digital Perms at Zoltan Hair

We hope that this short post has taught you a bit more about what digital perms are, and how they can completely transform your hair’s texture. Digital perms are just one of the many hair treatments that we offer here at Zoltan Hair, and you can book yours by visiting our website today.

We offer both hot (digital perming) and cold perming, and tailor perms to meet our customer’s needs. We use the most up-to-date perming machine which is extremely gentle to the hair – ensuring that it does not get damaged in the perming process – and Zoltan is only 1 out of the 3 people in Europe with this type of technology. Zoltan takes a lot of pride in creating his beautiful perms; and only uses the very best of the available machines, techniques, and lotions available.

If you would like to book an appointment in London at Zoltan Hair, visit our website. You can use our online booking tool. Have any questions for our team regarding our digital perms or any of the other treatments that we provide? Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by giving us a call at 07875 396751, or by sending us an email at care@zoltan-hair.com.

A Comprehensive Guide to Japanese Hair Straightening

Do you have frizzy, coarse, or curly hair and are looking for a permanent solution in London that means that you can ditch the hair straighteners and wake up every morning with silky, straight hair? Meet Japanese hair straightening – the perfect solution to your hair care problem. Japanese hair straightening is a permanent method to straighten hair, and achieves fantastic hair texture that will require little maintenance or styling.

Today our team over at Zoltan Hair is here to share with you our comprehensive guide to Japanese hair straightening so that you can understand it inside out and decide if it is the right treatment for your precious hair. Zoltan Hair is a luxury hair salon based in Mayfair, London, offering our customers a truly unique and one-of-a-kind experience at our salon. Our stylish, Zoltan, has over 24 years of experience in the hairdressing industry – and prides himself on providing his clients with their dream hair textures and styles.

What is Japanese Hair Straightening?

Japanese hair straightening is a permanent method of hair straightening that was originally developed in Japan in 1996 and has since then grown in popularity all over the world. It is an extremely common method used for hair straightening, allowing you to avoid having to straighten or blow-dry your hair every morning to get your desired hair texture. It’s been used by thousands of people all over the world and is one of the most popular treatments that we offer here at Zoltan Hair.

Japanese hair straightening uses a chemical process to turn curly, frizzy, and unmanageable hair into beautiful, silky straight locks within a few hours by a professional hair stylist. This process is often known as thermal reconditioning. It works by breaking down the protein bonds in the individual strands of our hair that give our hair its shape. This is achieved by a special solution being applied to your hair, and the use of blow dryers and hair straighteners being used to saturate the hair with this solution.

What Style of Hair is Suited to Japanese Hair Straightening?

Japanese hair straightening is the ideal solution for those with curly, coarse, or frizzy hair as it will give you a permanent solution for your hair care problems. It is a permanent solution, meaning that once your hair is straight – it will stay straight and the effects of Japanese hair straightening can last between 3 and 12 months.

By having a Japanese hair straightening treatment, your hair will become a lot easier to manage, and it will cut your maintenance and styling time down dramatically. Your hair will be smooth, shiny, and pin-straight – getting rid of all of the frizz and curls that were bothering you. Depending on how long and thick your hair is, you could be in the salon for a few hours.

Japanese Hair Straightening at Zoltan Hair

We hope that this guide has taught you more about Japanese hair straightening, and helped you to decide if it is the right treatment for your hair in London. Here at Zoltan Hair, we specialize in Japanese Hair Straightening, leaving our clients with smooth and silky hair. Zoltan will be able to transform your unmanageable, curly, frizzy hair into rain-proof, shiny conditioned looks – and give you the sleek, straight hair that you have always wanted.

Our expert Zoltan has over 15 years of experience using Japanese hair straightening methods – and was originally trained by Yuko Yamashita who is the founder of the Yuko System, the gold standard in Japanese hair straightening. Zoltan tailors every treatment that he performs to his client’s specific needs, after a thorough consultation to ensure that we provide you with your dream hair texture.

We have transformed hundreds of our client’s hair with our Japanese hair straightening treatment and would love for you to be next. If you would like to book your Japanese hair straightening treatment at Zoltan Hair in London and achieve the hair that you have always wanted, you can visit our website and use our online booking tool today.

Or if you’d like to contact us directly please feel free to give us a call at 07875 396751, or send us an email at care@zoltan-hair.com. Please don’t hesitate to contact our lovely team over at Zoltan Hair if you have any questions – we are always happy to help and provide you with any further information regarding any of our treatments that you might need.

The 10 Sleekest Hair Texture Looks From London Fashion Week SS 2017

The 10 Sleekest Hair Texture Looks From London Fashion Week SS 2017

The 10 Sleekest Hair Looks From London Fashion Week SS17

We turn to London Fashion Week for the latest hair inspiration. Featuring the spring/summer 2017 collections meant hair was left appearing quite natural, tresses needed to have a healthy shine and have some movement on the runway.

This season the fringe dominated the catwalk. The hair fell either right below or right above the modelseyebrows and the weight was on point it wasnt too whispy or too thick there were no stringy, greasy fringes here, it was pure gloss. To get the look, we offer fringe straightening (check it out here.)

See the sleekest hairstyles seen on London Fashion Week runways, we have rounded up everything from Burberry to J.W, Anderson.


J.W. Anderson.



It was all about the centre part. Hair was either left straight, had a very natural wave to it, or was slicked back into a ponytail. Overall the hair didnt detract from the clothes, it was effortless and thats why its a winner.




J.W. Anderson mastered the fringe in his intimate show. For the girls who didnt have the crowning cut, the hair was parted to the side and it fell slightly to the side to mock side bangs.





The models hair cascaded over her shoulder as she laid down posing for Faustine Steinmetzs presentation. The shiny hair was about as light reflecting as the Swarovski crystals adorning the garments.







Mary Katrantzous glossy locks had movement on her runway. The centre part formed a curtain of

hair around the models face, and her locks were blown backwards from the power of her strut.






Dorothy skipping down the yellow brick road with her embarrassing child-like pigtails had nothing on the girls on Emilia Wicksteads yellow catwalk. Their lightweight effortlessly wavy hair freely bounced behind them as they walked.





The hair was secured back behind the models ears, drawing attention to the big summer shades veiling their eyes. Parted to the side, you could see the hair was carefully brushed into its smooth streamlined shape.




The lovely Liv Tyler was at Belstaffs London Fashion Week presentations to present the new Belstaff x Liv Tyler capsule collection. All the girls modelling, including Liv Tyler, donned glamorous silky waves.




Despite the number of times we saw a fringe and the eu natural tresses this season, Mulberry managed to make the look appear fresh. Even with a fringe the hair tucked was tucked behind just one of the girls ears, making here appear quite youthful. The key here was the barely there makeup. Wearing heavier makeup with a fringe can quickly turn your from school girl to vixen.




The modelshair hung straight down their backs to revealing their collar bones in the off-the-shoulder blouses. The naturally shiny, wavy hair looked, wellnatural, which isnt always so easy to accomplish.


Goldie Locks would be jealous of the brilliant blonde manes on Antonio Berardi’s spring runway – you can’t help but imagine the sun catching the girls’ glossy hair!