Brazilian Blowdry London

Stylist Zoltan Vargyai is one of the fashion industry’s leading experts in hair texture treatments. Read on to discover why Zoltan has been called the ‘Heston Blumenthal of the hair industry’ and to find out about his ground-breaking Brazilian Blow Dry.

Brazilian Blow Dry London

A Brazilian Blow Dry (known also as a Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Keratin Blow Dry) is Zoltan’s signature treatment, and he has been a pioneer in developing a safe and highly effective version of this process since 2006. The key ingredient is keratin, which is a naturally occurring substance that protects your hair from within. This creates a layer of protection for each strand of hair and also smooths the hair shaft, which allows your hair to rejuvenate naturally. At the end of the appointment your hair will be shiny, sleek and much less prone to frizz due to moisture and resistant to damage through heat. A Brazilian Blow Dry and radically reduce the time it takes to style your hair each morning.

The process begins with a special shampoo, which is carefully used to open up the hair cuticles before the treatment is applied. Then Zoltan applies his special mix of amino acids, keratin and proteins to penetrate to the roots of your hair follicles to improve the condition of your hair. Unlike ordinary keratin treatments, the process includes a special mixture of proteins and amino acids. Also unlike keratin treatments, the Brazilian Blow Dry is over by the time you leave the appointment, meaning you don’t have to leave the treatment in your hair for two or three days as you do with standard keratin treatments. By the time you leave the salon, you will have silky smooth hair, rather than having to wait for the results.

This treatment can be used with all types of hair, and it is especially beneficial for chemically- or heat- damaged hair. While it is not necessarily a ‘straightening’ treatment in itself, in the hands of an experienced practitioner it will radically repair frizzy and unruly hair and can be used to create straighter hair or to enhance curly hair. Zoltan has developed his own Nano Mist process to help the Keratin and proteins penetrate deep into the hair follicles without the need for excessive heat.

The results last between two and eight months depending on the strength and treatment selected, and the process itself takes between one and three hours in Zoltan’s comfortable London studio. All Zoltan’s treatments are tailored to your hair type and requirements (partial and fringe solutions are available if you just want to work on a section of your hair). There are semi- and demi-permanent and permanent options available.

Why choose Zoltan?

Zoltan is a highly trusted and regarded hair stylist and treatment specialist who writes regularly for the fashion industry. He has a well-established reputation for producing exceptional hair conditioning treatments that maximise the condition of your hair, producing lasting and impressive results. If you book an appointment for a Brazilian Blow Dry, Zoltan will more than happy to also advise on other treatments and products including Olaplex and Japanese straightening.

You can book a consultation or appointment at Zoltan’s Wardour Street / Oxford Street salon by phone, text or email, and for your convenience he also has an online booking service.

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