Step 1 shampooing


When shampooing, it is important to shampoo your scalp rather than the actual hair itself. By doing so you will force out any dirt or grease that can be washed away later in the rinsing stage.
Start by applying shampoo to the nape, the area around the ears and the hairline. When shampooing damaged or brittle hair, try applying treatment to the hair beforehand to give it more protection.
Make sure your shower is on a low setting and at a moderate temperature before you begin shampooing.


YUKO treatment revitalises damaged hair, replenishing lost proteins and vital nutrients. The treatment should be applied every time you shampoo your hair.
Remember that you should never completely rinse the conditioner out of the hair at this stage.
Try to leave about 10-15 minutes before rinsing to give the treatment time to repair any damaged hair.

For long Hair

Long hair is more prone to damage especially at the ends. Since oils from the scalp condition the hair naturally there is no need to apply our treatment anywhere above the ear-line.


Towel – drying

Always towel-dry, being careful not to apply too much pressure or to rub the hair too hard.

Blow – drying



After towel-drying start with the nape, then dry the area above the forehead.

Remember to always hold the dryer at an angle so that it blows downwards thus following the natural flow of the hair. Doing this will also add natural gloss and shine to your hair.
When styling your hair, always do so only with a brush and when the hair is at least 80% dry.
Should you choose to Iron your hair, do so only when the hair is completely dry and spray Tsuya-Pata onto it first.