Keratin treatment with nano mist infusion

I created a my newest Keratin treatment, which is the biggest update of my Keratin treatments so far. This treatment is unique and solely available by Zoltan only.

The main difference between traditional Keratin treatments and my treatment is the technology used. I do extended research which goes into finding the best products and formulations for different hair types. I’ve been testing 100’s of products over the past years as well as many machines and techniques.

So what is Keratin Smooth Treatment and Nano Mist technology? Keratin Smooth, is a hair smoothing treatment. After the treatment your hair will be shiny, soft and very manageable. Your styling time will reduce to about half of the time you usually spend blow drying or heat-styling your hair, and your finished look will last longer, and will be reasonably more weather-proof. While reducing frizz, volume, and puffiness it also can reduce curls;  the strength can be tailored depending on client expectations. It Repairs hair condition and strengthens damaged hair using high quality keratin, antioxidants, amino acids, and collagen. The difference between mine and other Keratin treatments on the market is that it has a lower acidic PH level. This added with heat protection acts as a barrier on the hair to reduce any thermal damage.

There are layers of hard cuticles on the outside of your hair which perm, colour, or other treatments cannot get through deep enough to the cortexNano-Mist using ultrasonic vibrations to emit an enormous quantity of microscopic water particles that permeate deep into hair follicles, and reach even the impaired area inside the hair further and deeper, this gives much stronger and longer lasting results. Permeation happens whilst heating activates the molecular agents and water in the hair. By circulating a large quantity of mist, and using the right temperature, the entire hair evenly receives heat energy. Each strand of hair gets a treatment effect and retains moisture. At the same time, heated Nano-Mist swells the hair and enhances treatment agents to permeate deep into each hair’s cortex. Fixing the treatment with cooled air and vaporized heat rapidly soothes the molecular movement that has been activated by heat energy. This action reinforces fixation of treatment agents to the inside of the cortex. Whilst fixing, we use a low concentration of Ozone of 0,025ppm which eliminates any odour, strengthens the hair, and adds extra shine.

The final result is smoother, and healthier looking hair with shine and softness. In addition reduced styling time, and volume reduction create frizz free locks every day for up to 6 months.

The Keratin Smooth is new and created by Zoltan, and performed with great success. If you wish to book in for a consultation or make an appointment to see Zoltan please contact him below.