Zoltan’s Repair-toire


Hair conditioning  treatments and hair repair


If your hair longer than 5 inches, and you regurlalry subjecting it to damage, you would benefit from hair conditioning and repair treatments.  It is very easy to damage your hair with chemical hair treatments, styling, heat styling and environmental damage all contribute to dull lifeless frizzy hair. Your hair only grows around 15cm a year it’s  6-7 inches. If you have long hair the ends can be 5-7 years old. “if you would have your favourite handbag with you for 5years 24-7 how would it look like, and what would you treat it with?” Zoltan ask’s many of his costumes the question.

Zoltan offers basic scalp care but focuses on repairing and conditioning hair lengths and ends and do not offer a solution for hair loss and scalp issues.


Testing every company every product is impossible, and finding the right one for you hair issue is usually just luck.  Zoltan is dedicated to testing as many professional hair treatments as possible. In many cases improving the hair condition will allow hair to grow longer, be stronger healthier adds shine removes frizz and adds manageability.  It is common belief that Keratin or permanent treatments needed for serious improvement but in many cases, regular hair repair and conditioning treatments are enough to make a change.


Not many salons specialise in hair treatments combined with high-tech machines and solutions today, but Zoltan is one of them.




Technologie’s  used to achieve better condition hair and scalp:


-Ozone hair treatment and repair


-negative ions hair treatment and repair


-nano mist


-light therapy







These machines amplify the effects of the hair treatments makes them penetrate deeper and effect are stronger and last longer than home or usual in salon treatments.Hair condition is number one to achieve effortless daily styling and luxurious looking beautiful healthy hair. Zoltan’s every treatment based on improving hair condition in the short and also the long term.

Zoltan offers to stand alone tailored repair treatments for each hair type, and hair condition. He has a Monthly repair program where the best solution is chosen every month depending on if the hair needs strength or moisture. He has achieved great results with his monthly repair program on many of his costumes. We recommend an initial consultation with repair treatments:


-A course of  repair treatments for very damaged hair

-PLEX treatments Olaplex, Keraplex and Zolaplex


-curly hair treatments


-frizz fighter




-pre and after holiday treatment


-mega moisture


-Curly hair treatment




-Pre and after color treatment




The treatments are finished off with a touch of with khairpep which contains K18 peptide.


The treatments take between 45-90 minutes depending on complexity and have a visible affect around 4-6 weeks, strengthening treatments last until the next damage (eg heat, color etc).  All treatment includes a blast dry, not a blow dry.  All repair treatments are same day meaning you are able to shampoo any time after you left the salon.





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