Hair Straightening

During the last few decades hair straightening has transformed and now offers a range of processes to give you the results you desire. With techniques merging and adapting, we have been offering permanent hair straightening treatments since 1999 designed for all hair types and textures, lasting for months at a time.

The process of hair straightening began with the Japanese hair straightening professional Yuko Yamashita, the founder of the Yuko system. Her techniques inspired us to develop our own systems designed to straighten and smooth curly hair. The buzz about Japanese straightening started in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Famous actresses such as Jennifer Aniston were one of the first to model the look. Also known as Momoko hair straightening, this system also offers a long lasting permanent straight result, lasting up to a year. This process is highly beneficial for improving the condition and manageability of your hair. Typically, this leaves your hair poker straight, however Zoltan has adapted the process to allow for more flexible results. With this new application you can achieve different permanent straightening styles e.g. body straight, where the hair is no longer flat at the roots and has added movement. Or flexi straight, again with movement and this option gives a very strong base for achieving lasting blow dries.

After this era, hairstyling transitioned and straighening irons became the next big thing. Promoted by manufacturers for their short term benefits these styling wands are seen as good investments. However, what they fail to mention is that they are time consuming and extremely damaging to the hair, due to their intense heat and frequent use. In around 2005 the Brazilian hair straightening technique was popularised offering fast and long lasting results for up to 12 weeks. Zoltan was one of the first stylists in London offering this system, dubbed as the ‘king of the Brazilian hair straightening’ by Hello magazine. He launched a Brazilian blow dry treatment with a nano mist infusion. This is still seen as one of the most advanced Brazilian Keratin Straightening treatments you can have in the capital. This system works on all hair types, and gives extreme shine but contains formaldehyde content, marked as a significant danger to your health. To combat the risks when using this chemical we regularly test for formaldehyde to ensure you are protected when the treatment is carried out.

Due to the increasing risk of formladehyde, it became apparent the industry needed a new system. Noticing the gap in the market, Zoltan developed his own Keratin Straightening System (unique and only available by his salon). The Keratin hair straightening system last up to 6 months work amazingly on all hair types including coloured hair, and Zoltan even have a hair thickening version of it.

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