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Yuko system Japanese Hair straightening

Permanent hair straightening, and chemical hair straightening

This page explains the original technique of YUKO SYSTEM repair the unique permanent hair-straightening system, which was created in 1996 in Japan as a means to chemically straighten naturally or artificially curly hair without damaging it. Previous methods straightened hair with good results, but it was inevitable – and accepted – that the hair would be damaged. The innovative YUKO SYSTEM repair however, not only permanently straightens curly or wavy hair, but also has the ability to turn damaged hair back into healthy hair. It makes healthy hair glossier and shinier and offers a hair care menu that belies the accepted truth about straight chemical permanents: It actually restores damaged hair.

How can I restore my damaged hair with permanent hair straightening the Yuko System?
Hair can be damaged when the hair cuticles are torn or when there is a loss of protein from within the hair shaft. Yuko this unique new hair care system restores those nutrients to the hair by using a specially designed iron, heated to 180’C, to heat-seal collagen, keratin, silk protein, and other proteins that are naturally present in the hair. Finishing off with Phi-ten treatments, hair is left feeling noticeably healthier and shinier!

The word repair means restore, as well as fix. We gave the name Repair to the straight permanent process we developed because our process aims not only to straighten wavy or curly hair, but also to restore and revitalize it. The chemical straightening techniques of the past were intended only to straighten naturally or artificially curly hair. Everyone assumed that the damage caused by the process was unavoidable. REPAIR, however, not only straightens curly or wavy hair, but also has the ability to turn damaged hair back into healthy hair. It makes healthy hair glossier and shinier. REPAIR offers a hair care system that belies the accepted truth about previous chemical straightening and permanent straightening ; it actually restores damaged hair.

As you know, permanent straightening first chemically break the bonds connecting the proteins that make up the hair, then apply a wave (or other shape) to the hair while it is malleable, and finally restore the hair’s protein bonds to fix it in the new shape. Both permanent waves and permanent straightening operate under this same principle.

The condition of the separated faces that remain after the protein chain is cut by chemicals is very important. If the surfaces are cut unevenly, they do not line up well when they are reconnected later on. In the body, when you cut yourself with a sharp knife, the wound tends to heal better than when you cut yourself with a blunt knife. The situation is similar with permanent straightening. One thing that makes REPAIR special is its use of a permanent chemical that allows it to cut the cystine bonds very cleanly. No chemical permanent straightening  of the past could not achieve the same clean cuts.

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