— Glamour
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Personal quotes


“Working alongside Zoltan has opened my eye to texture. Not only his many ways of expertly dealing with difficult texture but his ability to add texture to hair that is limp and needs body is revolutionary. I love working with leaders in there field and Zoltan is unparalleled as a texture expert in the industry. ”

— Josh Wood Wella Professional Global Creative Director


“Zoltan is the undisputed King of the Keratin treatments. He has made me fall in love with my hair again after I had been damaging it for years with inadequate harsh treatments and straightening. Thanks to him I have my dream hair, smooth, glossy, with that perfect gentle model-off duty wave. He is my hair guru.”

— Alessandra Steinherr Beauty Director Glamour UK


“Zoltan is the master of hair retexturising; he customises his Keratin blends to smooth, straighten, dekink and defrizz any head of hair and has revolutionised my daily diy blow dry from half an hour of hard work to five minutes of effortless styling. To me he is to frizzy hair what Botox is to wrinkles.”

— Nadine Baggott Health and Beauty Editor of Hello! Magazine, ITV Beauty Presenter


“Zoltan’s reputation as “king of the Keratin treatments” is well deserved. His easy manner combines with instinctive artistry to deliver an experience as pleasurable as it is beautifying. ”

— Rosie Green Beauty Editor at Large RED Magazine


“Zoltan is the king of anti-frizz, creating the exact type of Keratin Treatment for your hair type. A total expert on frizz-fighting he will mix the right potion for you (he scours the world for the best types of treatment), creating just the right amount of smoothness so your hair isn’t either too straight, nor too wild. Your bad hair days are numbered !”

— Susannah Taylor Editor-in-Chief GetTheGloss.com


“If I could only have one beauty treatment it would be Zoltan’s keratin blowdry. It has changed my life. I can go from the shower, via the school run and into the office looking polished and glossy having only spent 10 minutes on a rough blowdry. He is a pleasure to see, kind and capable and is truly an industry secret. ”

— Eugenie Hanmer Executive Fashion Director HARPER’S BAZAAR and TOWN & COUNTRY


“It is really no overstatement to say that Zoltan has revolutionised my look. Blowdrying is now something I can do myself rather than having to book in to a salon twice a week. And even if I don’t have time for that and have to leave it to dry naturally, my hair is now richly curly rather than impossibly frizzy.”

— Sasha Slater, Deputy Editor Town & Country and Harper’s Bazaar


“If you want to look like you just stepped out of a salon, every day for six months, book in to see Zoltan – his are the only Keratin Treatments that last.”

— Katy Young Beauty Editor The Telegraph


“Zoltan is the master of gorgeous glossy hair!

— Julie Dorff Executive Fashion and Jewellery Editor HARPER’S BAZAAR – TOWN & COUNTRY


Press articles, mentions and quotes

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“London-based Brazilian blow-dry evangelist”

— Harpest Bazaar

“The hair straightening expert Zoltan Vargyai”

— Glamour

“straightening guru ”

— Elle

“The real deal when it comes to the glossy long lasting ‘Brazilian Blow Dry’, the Zoltan’s new keratin treatment is completely formaldehyde free, works faster and lasts longer for glossy, blow dried looking hair every day for up to four months (though we have seen it last longer). Coating the hair in powerful strengthening proteins ‘keratin’ also leaves behind the healthy, glassy gloss so it looks like you just walked out of a salon every day.”

— Harpers Bazaar

“Zoltan’s couture straightening”

— Hello

“The lovely Zoltan was completely dedicated to finding the right straightening treatment to suit my hair-type (rather than a one-fits-all approach)”

— Brides

“The boss of the Brazilian blow-dry”

— Get the gloss

“After 12 years devoted to hair retexturising he is able to customize the treatment to your hair type, length and condition and so deliver your desired look (full, sleek etc). He is also about the friendliest, passionate and most charming hairdresser you could meet.”

— Red

“Zoltan is an artist. He tailors it to each client, mixing up his own formulations. It’s like a jigsaw rather than one size fits all. ”

— Sunday Times

“the beauty editor go-to for straightening ”

— The Telegraph

“Treatments are tailored for each head of hair, so you leave with a long-lasting, fizz-free, conditioned locks”

— Harpest Bazaar

“I come every 3 months to have Zoltan’s tailor made Keratin Blow Dry, it’s keeps my style manageble and my hair soft and silky”

— Glamour

“The undisputed king of Brazilian blow dry ”

— Hello

“Zoltan has helped our hair grow !”

— Glamour

“He is to frizzy hair what Botox is to forehead furrows.”

— Hello