Frequently asked questions ?

What experience does Zoltan has in the field of hair texture?

Zoltan has 14 years+ of experience, perming, digital perming, permanent hair straightening and Brazilian blow dries. He has visited factories, done trainings around the globe, and been teaching his techniques for years.

How often do I have to re-visit ?

Treatments last from 6 weeks up to 9 months depending your hair, aftercare routine, and requirements.


Zoltan is known for his love for his gadgets, he has more straighteners then a woman shoes, and he has an extended range of different machines for hair texture and repair. He test products nearly daily to find the very best option to treat your hair.

How does permanent re-texturing works?

Through the application of our innovative protein and moisture-rich pre-treatments, hair is instantly repaired and restored in health before some of the structural bonds that hold its existing shape are released.The hair is then reshaped by molecular reconfiguration under the influence of thermal heat. Finally, the structural bonds are re-established and fixed in the new form. The result is permanently reshaped hair that will not revert to its old shape even after washing or styling.From start to finish the entire process is personalised to your specific hair type and primed with the highest quality restorative ingredients. Hair is left healthy, shiny and in better condition than before.

How much are keratin treatments cost by zoltan?

The current price-list available at , however to choose the right solution for your hair you will need a consultation. You might think your need Keratin Smoothing, when Keratin Straight would be more suitable or via-versa. We advise you to book in for a consultation to find out the exact cost.

Is keratin treatments are only for long hair? Can A Man have Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatments are available for any length or texture of hair, and for any gender.

How long the Keratin treatment application takes?

The application process takes between 1hour to 5 hours, depending on the actual treatment process chosen to achieve your desired results.

Can you treat colour treated, bleached,PERMED, high lighted or chemically processed, damaged and fragile hair?

All treatments are suitable for colour treated, bleached or chemically processed, damaged and fragile hair.

Can I have Keratin treatment if I’m pregnant?

We advise you to speak to your doctor after your consultation.

What’s the difference in Keratin Wave comparing to traditional methods?

Zoltan has been always in front of hair texture innovation, with his new method’s and machines. Our 4th Generation digi perm machine is only available by Zoltan The new generation Keratin Wave process differs from a traditional or cold perm because it uses gentler ingredients and heat (digital thermal reconditioning) to curl hair without the associated frizz of a traditional perm. With the application pre-treatments instantly repair and restore the condition of hair prior to the Hair Shaping process meaning that most hair types can benefit from this service. Keratin Wave (digi perm) delivers a curl that looks and behaves most like a natural curl in that when the curl is wet it is loose but gets firmer and bouncier as it dries, and this is because the hair condition isn’t compromised.

Can I blow dry my hair in a different way, wavy or straight other then the keratin treatment?

Yes you can still create your different styles with blow dries, without effecting the Keratin Treatment effect.

If we didn’t reply your question above please contact Zoltan here , and he will be happy to help.