Brazilian Hair Straightening

What is Brazilian hair straightening?

Brazilian hair straightening (also known as a Brazilian blow dry) is a method of temporarily straightening the hair. It is designed to nourish your hair from within, smoothing and rejuvenating damaged, coarse, or chemically treated hair.

How does it work?

Brazilian hair straightening works by sealing a liquid keratin treatment into the hair with a flat iron. Keratin, which is found naturally in the hair, improves hair condition by creating a protective protein layer around each strand and smoothing the hair shaft, something that is vital for hair repair.

What does the process entail?

The beauty of Brazilian hair straightening is that it is customizable: you can choose to keep your curls but remove frizz, or opt for beautifully sleek, straight hair. Zoltan currently offers semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent straightening, and the process typically takes between 1 and 3 hours.

First your hair will be shampooed and towel-dried. Then a keratin solution will be painted onto your hair and combed though. After this, your hair will be blow dried and straightened with flat irons in small sections to seal the solution into the hair.

How long does it last?

A Brazilian blow dry will last between 2 and 8 months, depending on the strength and treatment chosen.

What are the benefits of Brazilian hair straightening?

Brazilian hair straightening can help you achieve an immaculate head of hair, regardless of whether your hair is frizzy, curly, damaged, wavy, kinked, or coarse.

With this treatment your natural shine is enhanced, hair is rejuvenated from within, and each strand is better able to cope with the effects of heat and humidity. As a result, your hair will be frizz-free and effortless to style, without compromising its natural volume.

Who would benefit from this?

If you want straighter, smoother, better-conditioned locks without damaging or changing the texture of your hair, Brazilian hair straightening is for you. A Brazilian blow dry is also the perfect option for customers who are concerned about making a permanent change to their hair, as there is no obvious line of regrowth when the hair grows out and the normal curl pattern will return after a few months.

Is Brazilian hair straightening safe during pregnancy?

The scientific community has found little evidence that chemicals from hair straightening are absorbed into the body, so the occasional Brazilian blow dry should not be a problem during pregnancy. However, Zoltan offers a formaldehyde-free straightening system for customers who are concerned about exposure to chemicals, and regularly tests for formaldehyde in his salon.

Can I dye and wash my hair straight after treatment?

Whether you can wash or dye your hair after treatment greatly depends on which straightening treatment you choose. Zoltan’s Keratin Smooth Semi treatment, for example, allows you to wash your hair the same day, but other treatments may require you to wait for 72 hours and ask that you do not pin, clip, or tie your hair back during that time. You will usually need to wait two weeks after Brazilian hair straightening to dye your hair.

Why choose Zoltan for Brazilian hair straightening?

Zoltan has been giving customers beautiful hair with Brazilian hair straightening for ten years – ever since the Brazilian blow dry reached Britain in 2006. He regularly visits manufacturers, exhibitions, and hair shows in Brazil to stay on top of the latest technology, and was crowned the “undisputed king of the Brazilian blow dry” by Hello magazine.

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