Yuko system the Japanese permanent hair straightening, and hair repair method


YUKO Hair Straightening from Zoltan is a permanent hair straightening system that restructures hair internally to create lasting, straight, smooth and sleek results. Urban Retreat Harrods is one of the few London locations to provide this skilled service.

YUKO Hair Straightening originates from Japan. Hair stylist, Yuko Yamashita designed the thermal hair straightening technique in 1996 to help clients with unruly, frizzy hair. Today the YUKO Hair Straightening technique continues to be a popular, cult treatment. Not available on coloured hair.

 Yuko Straightening System

Yuko by Oliver Daminar

Oliver Daminar, reputed No.1 Straightening expert in Europe, is the Urban Retreat ‘straightening guru’. His system of choice is Yuko- a permanent straightening process created in Japan in 1996 by Yuko Yamashita, a hair stylist and salon owner who wanted to make typically Japanese coarse and thick hair easier to manage. After extensive training in the technique, Daminar developed the formula for use in Caucasian hair so that the company could expand.

After extensive research in the US, Yuko launched their first salon outside of Japan in 1999, and after rapid American success, Daminar was appointed Senior Technical Global Educator and set up a UK base for Yuko in Mayfair, London. Daminar has established a permanent base at the Urban Retreat since 2001 and after a decade of unparalleled service and expertise, he is available for professional straightening appointments for all Urban Retreat clients.

A complimentary consultation is required before your first treatment.