Harper’s Bazaar hair condition is the key

Harper’s Bazaar hair condition is the key

After an hour and a half I emerge with magnificently smooth and sleek locks. They are not, as with some keratin treatments, stripped of body and hanging dead straight. They are just the best they could be and, Hallelujah, will last me through the last stroke of New...

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Interview get the gloss

Interview get the gloss

I discovered the Brazilian blow-dry - and I’m not exaggerating when I say it literally changed my life. Not to be confused with the other type of down-below Brazilian, the Brazilian blow-dry or blowout is a smoothing (not straightening) treatment for the frizz-phobic....

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Harper’s Bazaar winner of the best brazilian blow dry

Harper’s Bazaar winner of the best brazilian blow dry

Simply the best thing to happen to hair since the invention of the hair-drier it gives astounding - and long lasting - frizz taming - conditioning results. Best Brazilian Blow Dry Treatments are tailored for each head of hair, so you leave with a long-lasting,...

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hello magazine the undisputed king of brazilian blow dries

hello magazine the undisputed king of brazilian blow dries

Zoltan Vargyai is the undisputed King of Brazilian blow dries, as he customises the blend and the strength for your hair. Great news for frizzy or curly haired women like Nicole Richie; the semi- permanent blow dry just keeps getting better and better. Brazilian blow...

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The telegraph Jennifer Aniston bad brazilian blow dry

The telegraph Jennifer Aniston bad brazilian blow dry

But not all Brazilian blow-outs are made equal, as 44-year-old Aniston recently found out. We asked Zoltan, how does he make sure that his treatments are not damagining      We never saw it coming: Jennifer Aniston having a bad hair day. But it has, and she's just...

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Elle online and the brazilian blow dry

Elle online and the brazilian blow dry

 Zoltan Vargyai has introduced his new system, It’s formaldehyde free and uses a combination of amino acids and Guarana extract to reduce frizz and inject a healthy, glossy shine. Best for: Battling Frizz Brazilian blow dries have been around for a while. They are...

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more magazine august issue

more magazine august issue

 So if you fancy lightening the load and the stress of styling your hair when it's 100 degrees outside, try a semi-permanent blow dry by Zoltan which lasts for two to four months. Check out More Magazine 1st August Issue page 83.  The first we knew of this article was...

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Alessandra Steinherr beauty blogger on Zoltan’s hair repair

Alessandra Steinherr beauty blogger on Zoltan’s hair repair

'There couldn't be a more apt name for this treatment - my battered highlighted hair has the gloss and silkiness of untouched virgin hair,  newborn indeed.'   'There couldn't be a more apt name for this treatment - my battered highlighted hair has the gloss and...

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