Why choose KeraSwift keratin smoothing and repair treatment?


  • fast treatment – saving up to half the time spent in the salon comparing to other treatments
  • same day – you can shampoo even on the day the treatment has been done
  • lasting results – treatments lasts between 2 to 4 months
  • repairs the hair and causes no damage
  • keep the curls and have it straight thanks to keraSWIFT heat activation now you can have different frizz free hairstyles
  • thickening effect – it forms a film around your hair which makes the hair feels thicker and look fuller
  • body straight – it can achieve straight hair while keeping its volume
  • easy styling at home – dramatically reduce styling time and hair manageability
  • frizz reduction – with its unique hair aligning produces frizz reduction
  • extreme shine – after the treatment your hair will be very very shiny
  • natural as it can be – guaranteed formaldehyde free, glycolic acid free, parabens free, thio free, sodium hydroxide free
  • compatible with every other chemical hair treatments – colour, straightening, etc even on the same day
  • maximum moisturising – locks moisture in the hair and keep it there until the treatment last
  • safe – can be applied on scalp and skin
  • no smoke – we rinse the product out before the ironing process don’t burn it into the hair
  • protects the hair from future damage – the only treatment offers thermal crystallisation which protects hair from external damage

Zoltan the undisputed king of Keratin treatments

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  • consultation
  • shampoo
  • treatment application
  • 20 minutes processing time
  • rinse off the applied treatment
  • blast dry
  • and ironing finishes the process

The prices shown are without discount

Short hair £180
Medium hair £210
Long hair £240
Extra Long hair £270

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KeraSwift Treatment

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