keraSWIFT technology and laboratory test

KearSwift is a new smoothing keratin type treatment with patented new technologies, has a very similar effect of the original Brazilian Blow dry treatments but without using formaldehyde and being subjected to nasty fumes, and burning eyes.

KeraSwift keratin smoothing and repair treatment contain a unique nanoparticle system to penetrates the hair with nanodispersion and use an innovative elastic film that locks the repair treatment in. The film under thermal action crystallises on the hair surface allowing conditioning agents to stay within the hair and protects the hair from future external damage. This film also repels water which reduces blow drying time.

That’s how KeraSwift’s technology align, moisturise and softens hair.

keraSWIFT results


In vitro test- Caucasian hair tresses –  (Caucasian curly hair)

The hair tresses were washed with shampoo and rinse off conditioner and dried with towels. Following 20ml of keraSWIFT applied for 20 minutes, then rinsed.
The hair was dried using a hair dryer, aided by a comb, followed one stroke by flat iron at 180-degree celsius.
Washed, and air dried.
The hair tresses were maintained for 9 hours at room temperature (24ºC) under controlled humidity (80%).
Then we conducted our test.
After the application of keraSWIFT we observed:
49.93% of an increase in theShine (Glossmeter).
33.07% of decrease of the Volume (cm).
15.36% of increase in the Length (cm)

Would you like smooth, frizz free manageable hair?