Looking for a Luxury, High-End Hair Straightening Treatment in London?

Is your hair in need of a semi-permanent or permanent hair straightening treatment, that promises to not damage your hair and leave you with luxurious silky locks? Zoltan Hair is the salon for you. Over the past few decades, hair straightening has completely transformed and now there are a range of high-end and technologically advanced processes to give you the results that you desire. With new techniques constantly emerging and adapting, we offer all of the latest treatments and are always bringing in new techniques and methods for hair straightening.

We are a luxury, boutique hair salon based in West London – and we have been offering our hair treatments and services to a wide range of clients and customers all across London. All of our treatments are technically advanced, and we source our products and machinery from all around the world to bring you the very best available hair care and treatments. We have been offering our hair straightening treatments since 1999, designed for all hair types and textures – lasting for months at a time. 

We offer a range of hair straightening treatments including Brazilian, Chemical, Japanese, Momoko and Yuko straightening. We tailor each and every treatment to our customers specific needs, after a thorough consultation to understand your hair straightening needs. Contact Zoltan Hair today to book a consultation for your hair straightening treatment.

Hair Straightening Treatments at Zoltan Hair

Below, we have delved into our hair straightening treatments a little bit further; 

  • Brazilian Straightening


Brazilian straightening (also known as a Brazilian Blow Dry) is a temporary method of hair straightening that is designed to nourish, smooth and rejuvenate your hair. It works by sealing a liquid keratin treatment into your hair with a flat iron, which improves your hair condition by creating a protective layer around each strand of hair and smoothing the hair shafts. 

  • Chemical Straightening

Chemical straightening treatment that we use is called Keratin Straight, which is based on Japanese Hair Straightening treatments. Keratin Straight typically lasts between 3-12 months and is offered in body or poker straight options. You will leave the salon with not just straight hair, but with hair that is in much better condition. 

  • Japanese Straightening

Japanese hair straightening was developed in Japan in 1996 and is a method of permanently straightening hair. Japanese hair straightening works by breaking the protein bonds in individual strands of hair. Our stylists then use flat irons to complete the chemical process and recondition your hair into the style of your choice. 

  • Momoko Straightening

Momoko hair straightening is a permanent straightening technique that reshapes your hair from the inside out. It smooths, tames, and reduces course frizz to give you beautiful and straight smooth locks. It is ideal for those who want easy, low-maintenance hair that defies humidity every day of the year. The results of a Momoko straightening treatment will last between 3-9 months. 

  • Yuko Straightening

Yuko straightening was the original, thermal straightening system created to restructure your hair’s internal bonds to give you permanently straight, smooth and shiny results. This straightening process utilises collagen, silk proteins and keratin. Yuko hair straightening can last for up to 4-6 months and is a non-damaging process for straightening your hair. 

Let Zoltan Hair Transform your Hair with our Hair Straightening Treatments

If you’d like to book your hair straightening treatment at Zoltan Hair, then you can contact our specialist team today. Feel free to give us a call on +447875396751 or email us at care@zoltan-hair.com, to arrange your consultation and appointment.