It’s sort of a big thing

I am very proud to announce the brain child of Akiko Morita and myself. The logo, my logo.

It is a big thing, for me. I will be looking at that Z in many years to come. And I am very happy with it, say proud. Akiko a mayor designer and a friend, a good friend:), she has all my love and appreciation for her work, she is just great.

SO THANK YOU AKIKO ! I’m loving your work..again !



The first one, innit:)

My very first blog post on my very first website.

I didn’t have to think if I am going to talk about hair straightening or just going to say thank you.

I feel very special and honoured for being able to be here today and write this post. I have a beautiful Mum, a great group of friends, a little business and I love what I do, and where I do it.

I really couldn’t ask for more.

I have to say thank you for all the editors whom given me the place where I am today /Alex, Newby and Nadine/and many others not named here, who helped me to want to achieve more, the ones inspired me and the ones who had Josh Wood colour, they made me think that I want to see that man at work, I want to work with him.

This post is all about being thankful in this very moment, of what I achieved so far, and that I can do what I love, and hoping that it will multiply, and will be able to make many many more people happy with my work.

I honestly don’t know who is reading this, but whoever you are never forget that life is great, easy and beautiful.

Bless you