Trying to Find a High Quality Hairdresser in Soho, London?

If you are looking for a professional hairdresser in Soho, London then Zoltan-Hair is the ideal choice. Covering a broad range of hairdressing services, Zoltan-Hair specialises in hair texture and has innovatively created services that lead to stunning hair. We want to be able to give you the hair style and texture that they feel comfortable with and eliminate frustrating aspects such as frizz, dryness and dull looking hair, and instead give you volume, soft and shiny looking hair.   


How Can We Help you?


We have a wide range of services that we can offer our clients, all designed differently in order to cater to varying hair needs. You will be able to book a detailed consultation with our hairdresser in Soho, London which will provide an opportunity to discuss your hair and identify the most suitable treatment to give you what you need and what you want. Our hairdresser in Soho, London is able to suggest and carry out treatments including; hair repair, digital waving, perming, permanent hair straightening and more. All products are high quality and are sourced from trusted and reliable suppliers, in order to give you the best finished result. 


We are well known for our fantastic keratin treatments. Zoltan has combined keratin treatments with nano mist technology in order to create a top quality smoothing treatment. With this treatment you can expect your hair to be shiny, glossy and soft, much more weather resistant and much less frizzy and puffy. As this treatment was created by Zoltan, it is unique and well worth the visit to our hairdresser in Soho, London to receive the worthwhile treatment. Our Brazilian Keratin blow dry is what we are most well known for. We have options of semi, demi and permanent treatments so we can give you the treatment that will work best for your hair. 


Why Choose Us? 


Zoltan has had more than 25 years of experience within the hairdressing industry and has spent that time collating knowledge, improving methods and creating services that produce exceptional quality hair. You can trust that our hairdresser in Soho, London will take good care of your hair during the process as well as pre and post treatment. 


Our first class hairdresser in Soho, London has been featured and praised in a variety of top level magazines and newspapers including; Hello magazine, the Sunday Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Elle, The Telegraph and many more. With these influential publications recognising and recommending our treatment you can be sure that our quality is to an exceptionally high level. 


Want to Speak to Our Team? 


If you would like more information about what our hairdresser in Soho, London can do for you, then all you have to do is call 07875396751. Our team will be happy to discuss our services in depth, give you further information about products and arrange for your consultation with Zoltan.