Interested in a Keratin Blow Dry Treatment?

If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your hair while also making it more controllable and easy to style, then you’ll want a Keratin blow dry treatment from our exceptional hairdresser at Zoltan Hair. We can offer you an exceptional service that will leave you with silky, beautiful hair that looks and feels really healthy. 

Often perms and straightening are associated with damaging your hair but a Keratin blow dry treatment is a perm with a difference, a treatment that will strengthen the hair rather than damage it. So if you’re looking for a way to keep your hair beautifully smooth and easy to maintain, then our Keratin blow dry treatment is the ideal choice for you. 

What is a Keratin Blow Dry Treatment?

A Keratin blow dry treatment is a straightening perm that is made with a Keratin protein. This is the protein that makes up your hair, skin and nails, which is why using it in your perms can make all the difference to the health of your hair. Instead of just damaging your hair, Keratin can help to protect your hair, smoothly over cracks and mending breaks, to keep your hair looking and feeling amazing. 

What are the Benefits of Using a Keratin Blow Dry Treatment?

There are a number of benefits to Keratin blow dry treatment. It is one of our most requested treatments because it offers them smoother hair that is easier to look after. With our Keratin blow dry treatment you can have perfectly straight hair that is easy to style for up to six months; six months of glossy, full, frizz free hair for you to really enjoy. It can be such a relief knowing that your hair won’t need the huge amount of maintenance that is required when keeping your hair in its natural, wavy or curly state. 

We can tailor your Keratin blow dry treatment to your needs to ensure that you have the desired results. Your hair and the style that you wear is up to you, and no two people have the same type of hair, it’s important to make sure that it is suited to you. If you’re looking for hair that has a slight wave to it, we can make it happen with our Keratin blow dry treatment. This is something that isn’t often possible when using other straightening perms, which forces your hair into straightness, with little awareness of the amount of damage that it does to your hair. Using the natural shape of your hair, we can make a hair style that just looks and feels the way you want.

Want to Find out More?

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