HOT SMOOTH the hottest new treatment from ZOLTAN

HOT SMOOTH  is an updated version of the currently available Brazilian Keratin Blow Dries



everyone hair type including

for very curly un-managable hair or fine european hair

for damaged puffy hair

to intensify colour

people who want their blow dries last longer, or want wash and go hair

people who wants shine



same day , can be washed on the same day the treatment was applied

heat protection /from the heat of the hair straighteners/ no one ever used heat protection in this process before

smell less, no nasty fumes /using Ozone to minimise any discomfort from smell

new treatment to bring out hair colour

micro steam, using a new micro steam machine to help the product penetrate the hair better, this adds longevity to the treatment

mix and match totally tailored for customers needs /using 3-5 different products and and application/processing methods


smooths the hair

add manageability and reduces volume

conditions the hair, it feels softer smoother after the treatment

adds shine

brings the colour out

hair feels soft and in good condition

adds extreme shine


Last around 3 moths depending on aftercare. Will be discussed on consultation before the treatment, and correct after care regime will be recommended.

Can be done monthly.

Soho Central London, new keratin treatment brazilian blow dry launch

Keraswift the newest Keratin treatment is now available in Soho London

Are you looking for a fast and effective Keratin treatment, or Brazilian blow dry in Soho?

You might have found your solution by Zoltan’s newest addition Keraswift smoothing, he is located just minutes away from Piccadilly Circus in a lush private room hidden in Soho best barbers parlour.

So what is keraSWIFT keratin smoothing treatment and hair repair?



KearSwift is a new smoothing keratin type treatment with patented new technologies, has a very similar effect of the original Brazilian Blow dry treatments but without using formaldehyde and being subjected to nasty fumes, and burning eyes.

KeraSwift keratin smoothing and repair treatment contain a unique nanoparticle system to penetrates the hair with nanodispersion and use an innovative elastic film that locks the repair treatment in. The film under thermal action crystallises on the hair surface allowing conditioning agents to stay within the hair and protects the hair from future external damage. This film also repels water which reduces blow drying time.

That’s how KeraSwift’s technology align, moisturise and softens hair.


  • fast treatment – saving up to half the time spent in the salon comparing to other treatments
  • same day – you can shampoo even on the day the treatment has been done
  • lasting results – treatments lasts between 2 to 4 months
  • repairs the hair and causes no damage
  • thickening effect – it forms a film around your hair which makes the hair feels thicker and look fuller
  • body straight – it can achieve straight hair while keeping its volume
  • easy styling at home – dramatically reduce styling time and hair manageability
  • frizz reduction – with its unique hair aligning produces frizz reduction
  • extreme shine – after the treatment your hair will be very very shiny
  • natural as it can be – guaranteed formaldehyde free, glycolic acid free, parabens free, thio free, sodium hydroxide free
  • compatible with every other chemical hair treatments – colour, straightening, etc even on the same day
  • maximum moisturising – locks moisture in the hair and keep it there until the treatment last
  • safe – can be applied on scalp and skin
  • no smoke – we rinse the product out before the ironing process don’t burn it into the hair
  • protects the hair from future damage – the only treatment offers thermal crystallisation which protects hair from external damage


Formaldehyde testing in salons

Formaldehyde testing in salons

Formaldehyde is a gas and it can be easily measured in the salon air with a simple test for 20minutes during the treatment process.

I highly recommend to test the formaldehyde level before and during the treatment regularly to every stylist, and hair salon when they offering Keratin services, even if they think they do not use formaldehyde-based Keratin treatment, as there are manufacturers don’t say the truth about the level of formaldehyde in the products.

As of today I haven’t seen anyone testing for formaldehyde, so if you a professional please look up my blog for info how to do the procedure, and where to order your kit and pricing etc

The history of digital perming

Here I intend to give you a brief information on Digital perming, which  is a new technologie originates from Japan in the beginning of 2000’s. Well that’s what most hairdressers would say, but it’s isnt entirely trough. Digital perming is simply using heat in the perming process which originates from Europe from and around the 1900’s. In the beginning it was a very exclusive and expensive process easily costing a monthly wage, but before World War II it was as cheap as a dollar and wildly available worldwide.

Then cold perming become the trend and everyone has forgotten the old techniques and machines. In early 2000’s after the success of thermal reconditioning (permanent hair straightening), Japanese stylist and companies started to develop the up to date techniques and products of the original wired hot perming techniques which become a hot new thing, and huge success in Asia called Digi perm. The metrology stayed the same but everything the machines and chemicals have greatly been improved.

The main difference in digital (hot) perming compared to traditional (cold) permings are:

The digi perming techniques allow different parts of the hair to be processed by different strength of chemicals and to allow them to develop for different times, and /or areas to the hair to be more protected and cared for.

The digital perming can create larger and more natural looking waves, and the curls are more defined when they dry rather then the traditional perming is more defined when it’s vet and usually technicians use it for for stronger curls. It is difficult to create root lift with the digi (hot) perming method, as the heat can not be close to the scalp as it would cause dissconfort and burn, but with cold perms it is standard to start from the roots.

Zoltan currently offers his perms tailored to customers needs, and offers both hot and cold perming methods to his customers. He has the most up to date digital perming machine which is extremely gentle to the hair and it’s only 3 in europe of this type of machine. He takes pride in his perms and uses the very best of the available machines, techniques and lotions.

Compton hair promotional video

Compton hair and beauty Covent Garden salon


I have owned Compton hairdressing for one and a half decade, and this video was made to promote our Covent Garden branch. Compton hair Covent Garden was opened in 2001 and run for 12 years, we had a great team trough the years and loads of happy memories.  This video in Compton Covent Garden was made in 2009-2010 . I hope you enjoy Compton hair and beauty video. Feel free to comment or share.


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