A Comprehensive Guide to Japanese Hair Straightening

Do you have frizzy, coarse, or curly hair and are looking for a permanent solution in London that means that you can ditch the hair straighteners and wake up every morning with silky, straight hair? Meet Japanese hair straightening – the perfect solution to your hair care problem. Japanese hair straightening is a permanent method to straighten hair, and achieves fantastic hair texture that will require little maintenance or styling.

Today our team over at Zoltan Hair is here to share with you our comprehensive guide to Japanese hair straightening so that you can understand it inside out and decide if it is the right treatment for your precious hair. Zoltan Hair is a luxury hair salon based in Mayfair, London, offering our customers a truly unique and one-of-a-kind experience at our salon. Our stylish, Zoltan, has over 24 years of experience in the hairdressing industry – and prides himself on providing his clients with their dream hair textures and styles.

What is Japanese Hair Straightening?

Japanese hair straightening is a permanent method of hair straightening that was originally developed in Japan in 1996 and has since then grown in popularity all over the world. It is an extremely common method used for hair straightening, allowing you to avoid having to straighten or blow-dry your hair every morning to get your desired hair texture. It’s been used by thousands of people all over the world and is one of the most popular treatments that we offer here at Zoltan Hair.

Japanese hair straightening uses a chemical process to turn curly, frizzy, and unmanageable hair into beautiful, silky straight locks within a few hours by a professional hair stylist. This process is often known as thermal reconditioning. It works by breaking down the protein bonds in the individual strands of our hair that give our hair its shape. This is achieved by a special solution being applied to your hair, and the use of blow dryers and hair straighteners being used to saturate the hair with this solution.

What Style of Hair is Suited to Japanese Hair Straightening?

Japanese hair straightening is the ideal solution for those with curly, coarse, or frizzy hair as it will give you a permanent solution for your hair care problems. It is a permanent solution, meaning that once your hair is straight – it will stay straight and the effects of Japanese hair straightening can last between 3 and 12 months.

By having a Japanese hair straightening treatment, your hair will become a lot easier to manage, and it will cut your maintenance and styling time down dramatically. Your hair will be smooth, shiny, and pin-straight – getting rid of all of the frizz and curls that were bothering you. Depending on how long and thick your hair is, you could be in the salon for a few hours.

Japanese Hair Straightening at Zoltan Hair

We hope that this guide has taught you more about Japanese hair straightening, and helped you to decide if it is the right treatment for your hair in London. Here at Zoltan Hair, we specialize in Japanese Hair Straightening, leaving our clients with smooth and silky hair. Zoltan will be able to transform your unmanageable, curly, frizzy hair into rain-proof, shiny conditioned looks – and give you the sleek, straight hair that you have always wanted.

Our expert Zoltan has over 15 years of experience using Japanese hair straightening methods – and was originally trained by Yuko Yamashita who is the founder of the Yuko System, the gold standard in Japanese hair straightening. Zoltan tailors every treatment that he performs to his client’s specific needs, after a thorough consultation to ensure that we provide you with your dream hair texture.

We have transformed hundreds of our client’s hair with our Japanese hair straightening treatment and would love for you to be next. If you would like to book your Japanese hair straightening treatment at Zoltan Hair in London and achieve the hair that you have always wanted, you can visit our website and use our online booking tool today.

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