Keratin Blow Dry London

Stylist Zoltan Vargyai is highly regarded in the fashion industry for his expertise in hair-texture treatments, hair straightening and digital perms. Read on to find out why Zoltan has been nominated the ‘Heston Blumenthal of the hair industry’ and to find out about his customised Keratin Blow Dry.

Keratin Blow Dry London

Are you tired of lifeless or unruly hair? Keratin is the substance that your hair produces naturally to look after itself, but it can be damaged through everyday styling, chemical and heat treatments. When applied as a treatment, keratin will bond with the outer layer of your hair to repair any damage and protect against further damage. If you have unruly hair, a carefully designed keratin treatment will help to turn your tormented tresses into luscious locks. Because it improves the condition of your hair, it will significantly reduce the time it takes to style and reduce the impact of moisture and humidity each day. While keratin can be used to straighten your hair, the treatment can be tailored in strength to keep your curls. Zoltan has worked for many years with Brazilian keratin manufacturers to develop new treatments and technologies to suit all types of hair. By choosing Zoltan for your Keratin Blow Dry, your treatment will be adapted so that you won’t have any unexpected outcomes in terms of colour or straightness.

The treatment begins with a special shampoo which is used to open up the hair cuticles. Zoltan will then carefully apply his carefully-formulated Keratin Smooth treatment. This is then set into the hair using his ‘Nano Mist’ process – where water vapour is applied to permeate deeply into the hair follicles and to seal the keratin into your hair. This process will condition hair, repair any damage and create a barrier against heat. The appointment will take around 90 minutes, depending on the length of your hair, and the results will last for up to six months.

You shouldn’t wash your hair for three or four days after the treatment. Unlike the Brazilian blow dry the treatment is left in your hair at the end of the appointment. Unlike an ordinary normal blow dry, you shouldn’t do anything to crease your hair – such as putting it up – until after you have washed your hair. But also unlike an ordinary blow dry, this treatment will radically improve the condition of your hair, leaving it soft, smooth and protected.

Why choose Zoltan?

Zoltan is a highly regarded hair stylist and hair treatment specialist who writes regularly for the fashion industry. He strives to maximise the condition of his clients’ hair, whether they are having a texture treatment, a perm or hair straightening. Zoltan has a thorough knowledge of all the latest hair products and technologies, including Olaplex and Japanese straightening, and will be delighted to share his expertise with you.

Simply email, text or phone to arrange an appointment or consultation at Zoltan’s Wardour Street / Oxford Street salon. For your convenience, we also have an online booking service.

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